Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Last year I participated in Stacy Julian's Twelve class. The aim being to make twelve layouts each month for twelve months. I really enjoyed it.  I kept up for the first half of the year and made a total of 55 layouts.

This is more than 2010 and 2011 combined so the class was definitely a success!  However, around July life got in the way and the second half of the year was much busier than the first.

I also did Project Life last year for the first time.  Again I kept up (only falling behind by a week or two at a time) until October where again it fell by the wayside.  I was able to keep up the photos for most of the time but not the journalling.  I finished Project Life 2012 on 1 March 2013.

So looking back, 2012 was probably the most prodigious year of my scrapbooking life of over 12 years. I completed the 55 layouts from the Twelve class and the 52 weekly spreads for Project Life.

Whilst I was completing the Twelve class I kept all the layouts in the one album so I could see them altogether. Today, I decided it was time to separate them into my Library of Memories albums. I had so much fun looking through the pages again and deciding how to categorise them.

So they have now all been put away and my LOM albums are starting to overflow so I will need to look at rejigging them but that is for another day!

Mon x

Friday, March 8, 2013


Well, here it is - my first blog post!  This as been over two years in the making.  I first set up my blogger page back in December 2010 and there it has sat for two years.  So I am just diving in!  Better late than never!

The other day I signed up to Simple Scrapper premium membership and yesterday did my first challenge.  I used one of the March story starters and one of the February templates.  I don't normally have this much journalling on a page but I outdid myself! This is a story from early last year when we were up at Rafferty's on holiday and the four of us drove up to Treetops Adventure Park where we walked around the treetops.

I used the Paislee Press and One Little Bird collaboration kit Epic, which I just love!

The experience was pretty scary but awesome at the same time! The journalling reads:

Our family word for 2012 was ‘effort’ and boy did we use a lot of effort at our visit to Treetops Adventure Park. Treetops consists of three different climbs through the treetops of varying difficulty - green (easy), blue (moderate and red (difficult). They are situated between 5 and 15 metres up in the trees. There are wire crossings, wooden crossings and flying foxes. Keep in mind that I had to decide if I was going to do it rather than stay on the ground and take photos. So I decided to face my fears! None of us really like heights and I would say that Bruce and I are scared of heights! Nonetheless we through we would at least give it a go and the kids really wanted to try it!

Elisha kitted us up in our harness belts and helmets and took us through a short training course. The courses were for ten years and up (there were smaller courses for younger kids). Off we set on the green course. Then on the blue course I went first and on the red course Bruce went first. Even on the green course there were some definite hairy moments. I knew logically we couldn’t fall as we were attached all the time with two ropes and the main rule was ABC (always be connected!) but we were very high up!

There were moments where we all through we wouldn’t be able to continue but we helped each other, took lots of deep breaths and went very slowly. We really bonded as a family and encouraged each other - the kids were fantastic! There was some discussion after the blue course as to whether we should do the final ‘difficult’ red course and we decided to give it a try. We were so chuffed when we completed it - again by helping and encouraging each other! Three hours and a sensational effort!

Well, that's my first post!  Expect to see some changes on the look of the blog as I work out how to change things, but I have spent so much time procrastinating about what the blog should look like and what to say etc, that I was just frozen.  Anyway, there you go!

Mon x